About Chromebook

 May 19, 2015      

Chromebooks are introduced by Google; these are compact web-based netbooks. As name implies, Chromebooks are installed with Chrome operating system and embedded with Chrome browser. Chromebook comes up with Solid State Drive, simple file manager, Wi-Fi, 3G connections, media player and many more diverse features. As Chromebook is primarily designed for web, its data can be accessed anywhere and anytime. With the help of secure ‘Cloud Computing’ you really don’t have to worry about security issue in Chromebook.

You can even work offline with Chromebook; one can edit documents in Google Drive, SkyDrive or Dropbox, read / compose emails, view Google Calendar and can perform many other tasks in the absence of internet on Chromebook. Upon internet connection, all updates, uploaded files and modifications which you made will be synced in Chromebook. Look into various other features of Chromebook which made it a master piece:

Security: Chromebook has many in-built security layers such as verified booting, data encryption and sandboxing. Thus, your confidential documents, media files and other content is protected from online hackers. Even, it can get rid of virus or malware attack without harming settings and data stored in it, so there is no need for antivirus software.

Portability: Chromebook is portable and lightweight, so one can carry it anywhere. Even, this handy notebook has long battery life around 7 or 8 hours thereby it can be available throughout the day.

Easy to use: Chromebook provides fast booting and easy logging process. You can even share data rapidly and surf information quickly in Chromebook as it comes with special custom web keys.

Updates: It is very easy to upgrade vast products in Chromebook, as all its application are web based. So, you can access countless applications embedded in it.

Above all facts conclude that Chromebook is specially designed to keep you connected to web at all times. Chromebook is ideal solution for business professionals, digital marketing experts and other individuals who has need to work in web 24/7. By considering all these significant features most of people are enjoying usage of Google Chromebook.