Windows Server 2008 Data Recovery

“Hi, I need immediate help as I have lost data from partition of my Server 2008 system. I’m a business entrepreneur and hence I have saved huge data on my Server 2008 computer. While trying to run Chkdsk utility, somehow a partition is grayed out and data stored in that partition is became inaccessible. Since,


Toshiba USB Flash Drive Not Working

 October 24, 2016      
 File Recovery   

Are you finding it difficult to handle USB flash drive after losing data from it? The following is the situation which many users have faced recently. “I have 16GB Toshiba pen drive, which I bought 4 months back. Mostly I prefer to connect it only to my system. Yesterday one of my friends have taken


Photoshop 7 Will Not Open File

 October 10, 2016      
 PSD Repair   

Several Photoshop users come up with a complaint that, when they try to open their files they are hit with an error that will not let them to open and access any of the Photoshop files. In most of the cases, users are unaware of the causes for this unusual behavior. It is pretty ridiculous


Recover Digital Camera Files 

 August 19, 2016      

Capturing pictures and videos are best way to walk down to memory lane. And as much as I think, there couldn’t be any better option than digital camera to capture such moment safely and securely.   But, do you know even digital camera files are prone to data loss. All digital cameras are design with


Recover Formatted SD Card Video

 August 2, 2016      

I have a 16GB SD card which contains my memorable videos. Yesterday when I connected it to system to copy those videos, it asked me to format it and unexpectedly I clicked on ‘OK’ button. My videos got erased. I don’t have other copy for my videos. Can anyone help me in bringing back my