Best way to Retrieve Data from SanDisk Compact Flash Card

 October 11, 2014      

SanDisk compact flash card i.e. CF card gives additional storage space for your lovable pictures and videos on digital camera, Smartphone and other digital devices. Since SanDisk compact flash card offers great storage capacity with fast data transfer speed, it is widely accepted flash memory chip to hold media files. However with the broad usage of this compact flash card, data loss has become a common problem among users. There are many chances when you can lose your precious data from SanDisk compact flash card as mentioned below. Fortunately, you need not to be worried about your essential files. You can find many tools online to perform successful data recovery from SanDisk compact flash card. This article provides you brief description about the simplest way of data recovery from SanDisk compact flash memory card.

Followings are the reasons for data loss from SanDisk compact flash card:

  • Deletion of valuable files saved in the SanDisk compact flash card by mistake
  • You may format the compact flash card after encountering the format error and lose sensible data
  • Data might get missing on the card due to interrupted data transferring process
  • Virus or malware attack to card can delete your crucial data on SanDisk compact flash card
  • Frequently using a compact flash card with different digital devices may result in file system corruption issues and then you cannot access data on the card

Select a reliable card recovery tool!

Yodot Photo Recovery is the most convenient utility to recover missing or deleted files from SanDisk compact flash card. With this easy to use and read only wizard users can perform secure and effective SanDisk compact flash card data recovery after any type data loss accident. This program not only retrieves pictures and other type media files from CF cards, but it also recovers them from system hard drive, flash drive, external hard drive etc. With the aid of this program users can restore generic and raw image files, video, audio recordings from SanDisk CF card. Similarly, this tool supports data recovery from kinds of memory cards like SD card, MMC card, xD card, SDHC card, SDXC card, microSD card and Memory Sticks etc. You employ this card recovery tool efficiently on all popular Window computers.

Steps to use SanDisk CF card recovery utility:

Take out your SanDisk compact flash card from the device and connect it to the system via card reader -> Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery application on your system -> Launch the recovery program and wait for the main wizard -> Here you can see two options on the main screen i.e., “Delete Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery” -> Select right option depending on data loss that has happened on your SanDisk compact flash card -> The software scans the computer and shows all logical drives including the CF card -> Select the card and click on “Next” option -> Now the recovery tool scans selected drive and displays all recoverable files present in SanDisk compact flash card in two different views, “Data View” and “File Type view” -> Pick any file and preview it by using “Preview” option -> At last, choose your destination to save retrieved files