Best wireless speakers for your next event/ vacation

 February 25, 2016      

Wireless speakers are regarded as loud speakers that can work by receiving radio frequency signals. These signals can travel faster than the wired communication.

If you love making long trips, rides, parties and all… without music everything will be incomplete isn’t it? If you are making any party at home, it will be okay for u to place speakers and all… But what if you are celebrating events on outdoor and you want to enjoy the event with full of music, campfire and a place that you can’t find any sockets to connect? Then it’s not possible to carry speakers and other things with you, it is very difficult right? so in that situation you can make use of Wireless Bluetooth speakers with ease…. Let’s see how technology is sharing its part in introducing best wireless Bluetooth speakers.

House of Marley Get Together

Nothing is better than nature right? These wireless speakers are specially designed with natural bamboo for its front and back panels. Its trademark material designed from hemp, cotton and from recycled materials of own. The sound is funky with 3.5 inch woofers as well as 1-inch tweeters to produce nice sound.

JBL Pulse 2

It is mainly regarded as party speaker. It produce powerful bass sound by using JBL’s bass radiation system and on other end it works like bazooka, which pump out 16 watts RMS sound to fill all partitions of the room with sound. The best part in these speakers is LED light system, which encapsulates the entire speaker, which creates a light show to create disco atmosphere. It will be controlled by using an application in the Smartphone. It is a splash proof gadget; so that u can carry these gadgets nearby water pools and beaches.

Logitech X300

It is an affordable option for party freaks because, it is small in size to carry but it is more powerful with its usage. It is available in some different colors. These speakers are designed to deliver users a stereo sound separation to cover the sound all over in wide area. It will be a best option those who concern about money.

Ultimate Ears UE Roll

It is a simple Bluetooth speaker specially launched by Ultimate Ears (UE). It consists of single 2-inch driver and a pair of 3/4 inch tweeters, which helps in generating good sound clarity. You can tie this around your belt strap or hang it to bike or bicycle as well. This is completely waterproof and it can able to connect 4 pair of devices at a time for playing music simultaneously.