Feel MacBook with Your Small iPad Mini

 February 15, 2016      


Nowadays many Bluetooth keyboard is available by which you can get the feeling of laptop from iPads. These keyboard’s designs vary black plastic clamshell designs to snap-on Apple smart keyboard, which is currently available for iPad Pro. However, if you would have used both iPad Mini and Macbook, you could predict the similarity between two of them. iPad Mini’s brigade keyboard gives you the same experience which you get from Macbook. In fact, those who are using it for the first time, it is next to impossible to make out the difference between two.

Its keyboard design, buttons, switch, and functionality introduces a new phase of development. It is built with aluminum, which makes it tough yet lightweight. It’s important as a pair to remain light weight in my opinion. In fact, combined Brydge keyboard and an iPad Mini 2 weigh less than an 11 inch MacBook Air (1.08 kg/2.38 lbs) and an iPad Pro (713 grams/1.57 lbs.) So, in case you looking for a tablet with keyboard, it’s a best combo offer.

Brydge-BottomThe bottom of the Brydge keyboard has four soft black rubbers that raised its feet slightly to provide comfortable and at same time useful to prevent it from sliding on table. At the time of closing, its soft rubber pads protect the main screen of the iPad Mini from any sort of physical damage. On the left side of Brydge keyboard is a micro-USB port that lets you charge the keyboard. Brydge-Keyboard-USB-And-Power-1Once you charged the keyboard would last for three months. As a beginner, you can use Bluetooth 3.0 to connect to your iPad Mini. To put Brydge keyboard into pairing mode, you just press and hold the keyboard button. Its pairing is extremely easy all you have to do is to set keyboard in pairing mode and then go into the Bluetooth iOS settings and just pair the keyboard.


In the first row, you have a Home button, which mirrors the Home on the iPad that will be followed by Lock button. Then the Light button, its big one as pressing it will power on and off will backlighting of the keyboard. Backlighting on Brydge keyboard makes it extremely similar to MacBook and it is great if you are in a dark room or if you are in bed at night. From there, you have two screen lighting buttons that control the dimming of the iPad’s screen. You also have a dedicated Keyboard button to show and hide the on-screen keyboard and Search button to bring up ‘Siri’ searching. There are audio/video playback controls as well. At last, you have two buttons to control the Volume of your iPad. Elsewhere on the Brydge keyboard are two Shift keys. There is a Caps lock key and other requisite keys like Ctrl, Option, Cmd, Delete, etc. Lastly, there are directional arrow keys for in-document navigation, for example. The Space bar is big as well. After this much of information, if your curiosity about functional keyboard has not done, make it fulfill with this link.
Overall, the Brydge keyboard can practically transform an iPad Mini into a MacBook. At just $129.99, you can make use of this advanced keyboard and even add physical keyboard functionality to a practical device. Having a backlit keyboard provides functionality in darker environments. Brydge’s attention to the design of Apple iPad Mini makes you to truly feel both devices as from same family.

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