Fix AVI File after Recovery

 August 7, 2014      
 AVI Repair   

You might have deleted or lost AVI files from your computer or any other storage device. If the file is very important then you may find a way to get them back. If you have lost the AVI file from computer drive then you can use backup of data on the PC and restore them. Otherwise you may use System Restore option and go to the date when the AVI file was present on your computer and retrieve it. If nothing works, recovery software helps you to restore your lost or deleted AVI files from internal drive of computer or from any externally attached storage devices. But after recovery, you may find that the AVI file is not functioning properly.

When you click on AVI file, it is refusing to open. The request to open it will be declined by the AVI file. This is because of damage to AVI file while its recovery process. If you have not used reliable software to recover AVI file from your computer drive, you will have to face such situations. You may start thinking, how to fix recovered AVI files which are not playing properly. Do not panic by overthinking, you can fix it using efficient repair software.

The AVI file may also get corrupt if you do not restore AVI file immediately after losing it from your storage device. When you delete or lose any file from storage devices, the memory location of AVI file will be ready to be overwritten by new file. If you recover AVI before new data is placed in its memory location then there won’t be any corruption. Otherwise AVI file will be damaged on the storage drive and you will lose data in it as it won’t get played. However, Yodot AVI Repair software helps you to fix such AVI file successfully.

Features of AVI file repair software:

Yodot AVI Repair software is capable of repairing even AVI files which got recovered in corrupted state. This program has powerful scanning mechanism and you can fix AVI file on PCs running on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Server 2003 and Server 2008 OS. You can even fix AVI files corrupted in various scenarios like download error, virus infection, etc. on your storage devices like memory card, pen drive, iPod, internal or external hard drive on computers. Use trial version of software for more details.

Procedure to repair AVI file after recovery:

Press here to download Yodot AVI Repair software and install it on your PC. Run the utility to get main screen where you get a browse button. Select corrupted AVI file by browsing and click on “Repair” option. Software starts scanning selected AVI file which is not getting played after recovery. You will get the details of AVI file in few minutes on software wizard. Preview the repaired AVI file using “Preview” option. Save repaired AVI file using “Save” option on a drive of computer by browsing a location.