How to Open PPTX File With PowerPoint 2007?

 June 10, 2016      
 PPT Repair   

I have Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 application installed on my system. Today morning I tried to open one of my PPTX file in it and it is failed to open it. I have essential data which I worked on it for months together. I already tried opening it in another system but no use. So, it is clear for me that the problem is with file not with the application. Can any one of you suggest me how to open it? Thanks in advance.

If the PowerPoint file is refusing to open or inaccessible, then it is clear cut that the file is corrupted. It is necessary to know about the chances of file corruption to be aware of it in future. The following list will take you to the corner of corrupted PPTX file cases:

  • Errors occurred during file transfer
  • Indecent system terminations while working with PPTX file
  • Due to virus
  • Malfunctioning of PowerPoint application
  • Network errors while downloading PPTX file
  • Due to CRC error

Isn’t it sounds bad when any of the above problems attacked you hardly? But don’t worry because you have an easy way to fix it. Follow below lines to know more.

You might hear above the manual repair option that Microsoft is offering you to fix damaged PPT files. Let’s see the process of it.

  1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint application
  2. Click on ‘File Menu’ and then hit on ‘Open’ option
  3. Now browse the path of corrupt PPTX file
  4. From browsing window choose ‘Open and Repair’ option from drop down menu
  5. Finally click on ‘OK’

The above method will fix the corrupt PPTX file with ease. If not, don’t worry because you still have an alternate way to employ. Let’s head over to the topic.

Which utility to employ?

The simpler way to open PPTX file in PowerPoint 2007 is by using Yodot PPT Repair application. The read only mode available in this software ensures secure repair of file. The tool is designed with the use of advanced scanning technologies to ensure fixing of PPTX file quickly. It can easily repair file even if it is severely corrupt or damaged. The program can efficiently repair PPTX files which are showing various error messages. The utility supports repair of file from various external storage devices like external hard drives, USB flash drives and many more. The application repairs and then recovers all the contents of file like formatted text, images, clip-arts, OLE objects, etc. This program is compatible with any version of Windows operating system i.e., Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

How to execute software?

Download Yodot PPT Repair tool on your Windows computer -> Install it by following on screen guidelines -> As soon as the main screen launches, you will find ‘Browse’ option -> Click on it and locate the path of your corrupt PPTX file -> After that, click on ‘Repair’ button on the main screen -> The application starts repairing the damaged file -> You can clearly observe the status in progress bar -> Once it is completed give the destination location to save file -> Finally click on ‘Save’ button.