How to Optimize Computer Speed?

 May 9, 2015      

This article will help you to optimize the speed of Windows computer. If you are a skilled person then you can sort and fix the problem otherwise you have to pay somebody to solve the issues or live with it. Sometimes it’s so annoying when computer takes so very long time to perform a simple task. A slow system can charge your precious time over long run. If your computer programs are running slow or experiencing low performance while surfing online, there is a cure for you in this tutorial.

Debasing computer system is very much frustrating in this advanced technology. Performance, time and speed may decline because of Registry error, lacking Disk space, etc on computer. If system freezes, you can come out of this problem by restarting your computer. Many a times, it takes very long time to open simple program that should have taken only fraction of seconds.

There are many reasons that gradually decrease the performance of computer. The very first issue is Registry file corruption which stops your computer from running faster. The important role of this file is to run the computer properly when it is slowed down. Presence of invalid registry might result in system lock ups, crashes and many others. Sometimes fragmentation can make your computer HDD to slow down, so defragmenter reschedules fragmented data to work more effectively. Disk defragmenter run on schedule but can also defragment your hard disk manually. To defragment your computer: Click on Start button, in search box type as ‘Disk Defragmenter’ and hit on ‘Disk Defragmenter’. Under Current status, select the disk you want to defragment and click on ‘Analyze disk’. Finally click on ‘Defragment disk’.

Sometimes, unwanted files on computer hard drive will occupy disk space and can slow down your system. Disk clean up removes various files of system, empties Recycle Bin, removes temporary files and other stuffs that no longer needed. Steps to clean up files on system: Hit on Start button, in search box, type ‘Disk Cleanup’ and click on ‘Disk Cleanup’. In the ‘Drives’, select the disk that you need to clean up and select ‘Ok’. In ‘Disk Clean up’ dialog box, choose the file types on ‘Disk clean up’ tab and click on ‘Ok’. Lastly hit on ‘Delete files’ to clear all files from selected disk.

If you notice that your computer seems to be too slow, it’s also because of inadequate RAM memory. Procedure to free up system memory:  Open ‘Control Panel’ and in search box type as ‘Task Manager’ and then click on ‘View running Processes with Task Manager’ link on ‘System’ option. Now hit on ‘Performance’ tab to know the details of hard drive and click on ‘Processes’ tab. From drop down button you have to select ‘End Process’ and again go to ‘Performance’ tab to check for RAM usage. Then go for ‘Process’ tab to optimize  then select ‘Set Priority’ and choose ‘High’ or ‘Real Time’ to optimize the speed.

Thus, by following these steps you can effectively optimize entire computer speed.