How to Recover Data from Asus Laptop SSD?

 September 30, 2015      

“Hi, yesterday I brought new Asus Laptop. To check its working, I transferred some folders and personal documents in it.  However, after transferring I thought to check properties of entire SSD drive. While doing so my mom has called me and I leave laptop with my little sister. After coming back, I got shocked to find empty SSD. Do not know what exactly she has clicked but I want them back. I do not have any back up so Is it possible to regain data from SSD hard drive?”

Asus is a brand name in electronic world. It deals with different electronic devices like desktop, laptop, mobile phones and many more digital gadgets. Asus laptop supports both HDD and SSD. Solid State drive is a popular storage media used for both laptops and desktop. This non-volatile storage device is famous as SSD. In modern’s world, it is majorly used due to its reliable and speed features. It provides continuous parts, which save users from data breakage situation. Despite of many benefits of Asus laptop SSD storage device, user can suffer from many causes of data loss such as:

  • While creating new file system user will be asked to convert file system format which cause permanent removal of files from SSD drive
  • Occurrence of bad sector in SSD partition will make data inaccessible
  • Sometimes arising of formatting error will bound user for formatting SSD partition that lead to permanent data removal from it.
  • While formatting accidental selection of wrong partition will give arises to permanent deletion of data

If any Asus SSD user found above-mentioned symptoms in their laptop, do not panic. “Every problem has its own solution”. However, by using proper solution for Asus laptop SSD recovery user can easily get out of this problem.

Software to recover SSD of Asus laptop:

By using “Yodot Hard Drive Recovery” user can easily retrieve Asus laptop SSD. This product provides 100% regained data from healthy or corrupted external and internal partitions. This tool is able to restore files from non-booting and inaccessible SSD drives. It allows user to store regained files in Zip compressed style that help user to save disk space. It has ability to create exact replica of SSD partition that help user to bypass bad sector. This application promises fast recovery of formatted or reformatted SSD drives. It supports recovery of both HDD and SSD. While using it, if anyone found trouble then user can get rid of problem by consulting trained technical supporter.

Steps for recovery of SSD of Asus laptop:

In order to recover Asus SSD drive, download here and install “Yodot Hard drive Recovery”. To recover non-bootable or inaccessible SSD of Asus laptop user can connect SSD drive to a healthy system.Now run the software on your system. Then according to requirement choose one option between “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted and Reformatted Recovery”. Then select SSD hard drive from list and click on ‘next’ to move into next window. Select file types of lost data and click on ‘Smart Scan’ to start recovery process. After recovery process user can preview all regained files. In next clip, browse one target path to store all retrieved data into it.