I Accidentally Erased My Photos from Camera

 January 17, 2017      

There is no doubt on the fact that digital cameras are useful, but sometimes due to accidental human mistakes, photos from these cameras get deleted. For instance, think that you have captured several pictures on your camera. So while flipping through the images in camera to have a look, you may accidentally press ‘Delete all’ option. Consequently due to such ignorance, all precious photos will disappear in a second leaving behind a blank screen.

The camera stores all the pictures captured on it within a memory card. Even though there are various kinds of memory card that vary in size, capacity and other factors, the storage principle to hold images remains the same. Hence no matter from which camera or memory card the photo is deleted the recovery process is common for all. As constantly many users pose a question on forums stating ‘My photos got accidentally erased from camera, what to do now and how to get them back?’  Hence this post will help users to deal with this issue.

What happens when you accidentally delete a file from the camera?

When you unknowingly press the Delete option, your camera locates the photo files on the memory card and then removes only its references and does not actually delete them. Further, it marks the leftover space as re-usable. That is why the deleted photos still resides on the memory card even after deletion and it’s possible to get them back!!

In order to restore the file from the camera’s memory card successfully, following measures have to be taken as soon as you are aware that it’s been deleted:

  • Stop taking additional photos on the same memory card. In case if the camera uses its inbuilt memory to store pictures, stop using the camera
  • Turn off the camera and carefully remove the memory card out of it. Make sure not to use the card on any device. This is done to avoid over-writing existing image files.

Next, you need to insert the card into the computer’s memory slot or leave the card within the memory card by directly connecting the camera to the system. Also, make sure that memory card is being recognized on respective system. Then proceed to the next segment to know about the process of restoring accidentally deleted pictures from camera

Photo recovery software –Yodot Photo Recovery

Supported OS:  Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003

Whether it is an accidental or intentional deletion, this application proves to be handy in getting back photos from the camera as well as other storage devices. The program works in read-only mode, thus it will hassle free to use. Its user interface is clear and swift to handle the restoration process. The exclusive feature is RAW search – which extracts the lost/deleted file based on its unique signature.

Procedure to utilize this utility

Download and install this application on the computer. Then run it and go through the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: The prime screen will display two options, Deleted Photo Recovery and Lost Photo Recovery. Choose the second option

Step 2: Select the memory card/device from where you want to extract files

Step 3: Then, Preview files to examine whether the right ones have been restored

Step 4: Finally Save them to the desired location and terminate the application