Important Features of Fantastical 2 for Mac

 April 4, 2015      

Many features included in this app that makes it quite irresistible. Designed and developed by Michael Simmons and Kent Sutherland, together known as Flexibits has become the fastener of other calendar apps that are being developed. Everything comes beautifully when you set in motion the full-screen mode in your Yosemite. With the screen real estate, Fantastical 2 turns into a contented, easy-to-read calendar that presents a strong visual association among compact event list and widescreen month calendar. Coming out from the old calendar application this Fantastical 2 has some bright options that can’t be ignored. Few of them are:

  • It’s smart. It has been presented with natural language for creating complex repeating events and set alerts. All round time zone support which is also included with floating time zone. You can set time and geofence alerts for reminders.
  • Convenient as per all needs! Support provided for OS X and iOS Handoff. Minimize and maximize options included for better usage. Easily view locations where your events occur without any trouble.
  • New themes give you the best interface usage, both light and dark. Make use of calendar sets, using which we can organize your calendars as per your needs. This “calendar sets” has been designed for users who make use of multiple calendars which open up in parallel at any point of time.
  • This app looks great especially on Yosemite. As similar to other Yosemite apps, it is presented with a widget using which user can glance the upcoming events in the Notification Center.
  • Clicking and scrolling just works better in Fantastical 2 because you can view all the events and reminders at a single click. You can view entire set of details on the full screen mode on latest Mac OS i.e. Yosemite.

A little briefer view about Fantastical 2 that needs to be known, it isn’t a complex application. It has various set of options on a specific visualization that makes sure you have a flexible experience while going through this app. The natural look of Fantastical 2 and its high performance makes it competent with its integration on Mac OS X. This tool has the presence of new custom CaiDAV engine that has been solely built for Fantastical 2. As its moved to a new full application that is totally advanced from it predecessor, it still sticks to its menu bar roots. The popular Window bar is made available and an option is provided if you want to use it or not and apart from that the menu bar window can be detached and moved around freely accounting to users needs