My Micro SD Card Says That It Needs to Be Formatted

 March 20, 2017      

 “I have a very serious problem with my cell. I have been using 16GB SanDisk micro SD card from many months. But yesterday, a notification suddenly popped saying that I must re-format and delete all the files!  I have some really old files from previous mobiles that I MUST not delete, I don’t have any back up of those files, so please someone suggest me ideas to recover my data”

Are you facing similar type of situations? And worried of losing data after formatting? Then, don’t be puzzled! Because this page will provide you enough information to retrieve your data safely.

Let us see some possibilities to overcome the problems related to SD card

Solution 1: connect your Micro SD card to the computer which is free from virus. Check whether you can read your files. If it is still prompting to format then click on cancel and follow below steps

Step 1: Go to start logo

Step 2: Hit on My Computer

Step 3: Click on drive letter of your SD card

If you are able to see and access your files, then make a backup by copying files to PC. Now you can format Micro SD card and restore your files back to drive.

Solution 2: Run chkdsk

This method may fix errors related to bad sector if they exist

Step 1: open command prompt

Step 2: Type chkdsk [Drive:] [/p] [/r]

[Drive] is the name of your micro SD card that you want to scan, /p will check for hard drive and /r will find bad sectors and recover your data

Solution 3: Check if there is any issue with file system

There is a built in option that scans all the system files and replaces any corrupted ones with fresh copies. Open command prompt by selecting run as administrator, then type scannow and press enter. The system requires some time to replace all corrupted files. Now restart computer and try to plugin micro SD card to restore files.

Upon trying above methods still your micro SD card says it needs to be formatted then Yodot Photo Recovery becomes an efficient recovery tool to retrieve data when there is a format error on SD card. This application can rescue your lost or deleted photos, audios, videos and other files from infected memory card. This software can even get back your data if there are any issues related to reformatted errors on Windows system. Hit here to download the tool and run it with easy steps given below

  1. Connect your Micro SD card to computer
  2. Install Yodot Photo recovery software on your system
  3. After the launch, first screen displays two options as Deleted photo Recovery and Lost Photo recovery
  4. Select Lost Photo recovery to recover missing data
  5. Here you can see list of logical drives and externally connected devices. Select the one that you want to scan and click on next
  6. The software starts scanning for your lost files on Micro SD card
  7. Now you can see list of files. Choose for required files or else opt for skip option to select all files
  8. Preview recovered files and save them to required location

Application highlights;

  • Classifies files based on size, date and file extension
  • Intensive scanning process
  • Safe and easy tool with read-only mode
  • 100 % Clean from virus