Olympus XD Picture Card Data Recovery

 January 14, 2015      

“Hello everyone, I use Olympus XD Picture card on my camera to hold all captured data. There were many pictures and videos on this card and recently when I connected this card on other camera model everything changed. The card showed error saying there are no files in its memory. I was shocked to see this error message because the card stored all precious files and losing them was a nightmare coming true. So, I connected this card on my system through card reader to check whether everything was fine. But here to I got the same thing that confirmed loss of data from XD Picture card. Is there any appropriate method for recovery of data from Olympus XD Picture card? Kindly suggest one.”

There are wide varieties of flash memory cards used on electronic gadgets to store data. Among these, XD picture card is the best storage solution for media devices like cameras, camcorders, etc. to hold media data. XD picture card is manufactured by many prominent producers like Olympus, Lexar, SanDisk, etc. Olympus xD Picture card performs excellently with very high speed data transfer and fast performance. However, one might lose valuable data from Olympus xD Picture card in various instances like:

  • Unintentional deletion of data from Olympus xD Picture card when connected to system or on gadgets
  • Corruption of xD Picture card due to malware intrusion, file system corruption, faulty firmware of gadgets that use the card, etc.
  • Wrong usage of Picture card like forceful pulling of the card from gadgets or from system, incorrectly mounting the card on gadgets, using same card on different gadgets / operating systems, etc. will lead to inaccessibility of data on the card
  • Formatting the card without backing up necessary data, saving data on newly bought card without formatting it, etc. will also render loss of data from Olympus xD Picture card

But there is nothing to worry for lost or erased data from Olympus xD Picture card because there are tools to perform Olympus XD Picture card data recovery with ease. One such utility is Yodot Card Recovery program. This software securely restores all data from memory cards like xD Picture card, SD, SDXC, micro SD, SDHC, mini SD, CF, XQD, MMC, etc. just in clicks. The software has two different versions to support on both Windows and Mac platforms; they are Yodot Photo Recovery and Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software respectively. It can get back picture files, videos, music, RAW images and other documents from storage devices like system hard drive, external hard drive, pen drive, iPod, etc.

Process of recovering data from Olympus XD Picture card:

Download the software on to your Windows computer by clicking here and install it. Connect your Olympus XD Picture card to this system and run the program. In main screen, click on Deleted Photo Recovery / Lost Photo Recovery according to data loss from XD Picture card. Then select the drive that represents Xd Picture Card from which files have to be recovered. Then select the file types to be recovered or select all and proceed. Allow the software to scan the card and later, preview recovered files in two view types. At last, save it to target location on host computer drive, but not to same card.