Recent Advancements In Healthcare Technology

 April 7, 2016      

Health Care Technology or HTC demarcated with extensive range of healthcare products which are used to monitor diagnose and treat diseases. It is also termed as medical technology. To widespread the usage of medical technology, many companies like Cerner Corp, Athena Health, McKesson Corp, Merge Healthcare, etc., are taking part in developing software’s for healthcare domain. By chasing over present technology, HTC has undergone lot of advancements. Let’s see some of the advancements that are virally spreading over entire medical industry of 2016:

Mobile Stroke Units

The primary goal of stroke units is to improvise outcomes for stroke sufferers. It is a new emergency vehicle outfitted with telemedicine capability, CT scanner, laboratory and other functionality to be used in critical situations. So that stroke units are very useful to give preliminary treatment to patient before reaching to hospital.

Note: You can contact mobile stroke unit at any time for emergency cases.

Wireless wearable sensors

These sensors are going to gloom the entire world of medicine and health by giving information about your body to intelligent systems that able to observe early sign of health problems. More number of consumers turns to wellness applications, wearable sensors and devices to utilize it in reducing hospital readmissions, stays for people who are in chronic and serious conditions.

Blue-violet LED light fixtures

It is new equipment that focuses light to disinfect walls and air in a room to kill harmful bacteria in a healthcare setting. Therefore, it can reduce the growth of infection from one patient to other.

High cost cardiovascular drugs

Three new cardiovascular drugs were approved in the past year by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Alirocumab and evolocumab drugs can reduce high cholesterol level in patients, if normal drugs can’t influence patient’s body. Another drug called Entresto, which is used to treat patients suffering from severe heart failure.

Robotic Surgeries

It is frequently used practice in various surgical settings. Robotic surgeries find its way from uterus removal to liver, kidney transplantation, heart surgery and colon surgeries. Hospitals which are using robot surgery wanted to evaluate new models of same robots or robots which are manufacturing by new companies to ensure reducing the drawbacks of older systems and to expand their usage for different purposes.

Spectral CT scan

Usage of regular CT scan is quite common now a day’s to detect bony changes. To make bit advancement to that, Spectral scan has been introduced this year. The main theme behind this scan is to detect structural changes in muscles. It is also used to detect conditions that are affecting pancreas, kidneys and liver.

Bioabsorbable Hydrogel (SpaceOAR)

It is mainly designed to protect healthy organs from radiation treatment. It is now available in hospitals to prevent rectum damage when a patient is suffering from prostate cancer. After injecting the gel, it will form a solid barrier between prostate and rectum to prevent radiation reaching the rectum.

Note: This gel remains constant up to three months. After that it forms liquid and will be excreted through urine.

In short: Healthcare domain industry is hastening with its enhanced technology equipments to give hassle free lives to patients with quality products to medicine industry.