Recover Audio Files from Android

 December 11, 2014      

“Hi, I have lost audio files from my Android phone while moving them from one location to another. These files carry crucial information and hence I cannot think of losing it. Can anyone suggest some useful method to bring back these audio files from my Smartphone? Kindly help, thanks in advance.”

Smartphones are the modest gadgets that everyone wishes to have in these technological present days. Smartphones operating with Android OS are likely preferred by most of the youngsters and even adults as it created platform to conveniently perform voice calling, video calling, sending emails, SMS, capturing HD pictures and many more. But, at the same time, losing priceless data from Android is also more among Android users. Just like in the above mentioned scenario, one might lose important audio files from Android in many ways including:

  • Incomplete transfer of audios from Android phone memory to system drive or to other gadgets
  • Wrong deletion of necessary music files instead of unwanted files
  • Running unsecure applications on Android can also remove files like audios from phone
  • Using the micro SD card of one Android phone on multiple gadgets can reduce the working ability of the card and inducing loss of files from it
  • Restoring the Android phone to factory reset will wipe off all data including audios from the memory
  • Malware infection to the phone can sometimes result o missing or deletion of music files
  • Formatting memory card on Android phone will erase all files from phone

When audios are lost from Android in above scenarios, first and foremost user should stop using the device for any data activities; because any data activities on the phone after data loss scenario can lead to data overwriting. Hence, it is recommended to make use of excellent Android recovery program like Yodot Android Data Recovery to recover audio files from Android. This tool is capable of recovering music, videos, pictures, application files, etc. from Android Phone. It can rescue files from Android gadgets that run with Android OS Froyo, Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich and Ginger Bread versions. It can efficiently restore data from Android Smartphones and tablets by Samsung, Dell, Sony, HTC, Acer, LG, etc. Its inbuilt recovery modules can get data from corrupted, restored, frozen and bricked Android phones with ease.

Here is the procedure required to perform audio file recovery from Android:

Download the software on a Windows computer. Connect your phone to this system along with its memory card through UMS mode. Next, install and run the software. As main screen gets displayed, click on Deleted File Recovery or Lost File Recovery based on audio file loss scenario. Next, select the drive that represents storage memory of Android phone from which music files have to be recovered. In next screen wait till scanning process completes. View the recovered files in Data View and File Type View. Further, save these files in target location on computer drive, but not to the same memory location.