Recover Data from Bad Hard Drive

 September 10, 2014      

“Recently my Windows system got shutdown suddenly while accessing data in it. When I tried to turn on my system, it is showing black screen with series of errors stating that system hard drive is not getting detected. It seems to be my system’s hard drive become dead. Is it possible to restore data from bad hard drive? Please anyone suggest me a suitable way to recover inaccessible data from bad hard drive.”

Hard drive is the soul part of any computer, as this component intended to store your essential data. However, the data stored on hard dirve might get erase or lost due to many reasons as specified in above mentioned scenario.  The causes for damaged or bad hard drive are several, some of them include:

  • Bad hard drive is indication of severe virus attack on the system
  • Formation of bad media spots or sectors on hard disk drive due to overusage may cause corruption to hard drive
  • Software conflicts or regular system shutdown due to power failure tends to failure of hard drive
  • Incompatible or improper device driver installation on system might results in bad hard dirve

You can overcome data loss problem occurred due to any of reason mentioned above, then don’t worry!! However, recovery of missing data from bad hard drive is possible with the usage of any powerful data recovery software like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery.

Bad hard drive data recovery software:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software is a efficient data retrieval software to recover data from bad hard drive on Windows system. The application restore various files types including MS office documents, compressed files, media files, program files and many more. The application has an advanced built-in algorithm which helps you in restoring data from bad hard drive. The software also gets back data from Windows hard drive after formatting / reformatting / improper repartitioning of hard drive. Apart from hard disk drive, the program also support the user to regain data from other storage devices like pen drive, external hard drive, SSD drive, memory cards, etc. This utility supports recovery of data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT hard dirve file systems. This tool easily rescues data from hard dirve on Windows system installed Windows 8, Windows 7 Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems. 

Procedure to recover data from bad hard drive: 

Connect the bad hard drive to a healthy Windows computer -> Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software to that Windows system ->  Open the software and begin the data recovery process -> Click on “Partition Recovery” option to restore data from bad hard drive -> The program scans and displays all the drives connected to that computer -> Choose the hard drive that represents your bad hard dirve and click “Next” button -> The application scans again and displays all the data from the selected drive -> Mark the files or folders which you want to regain back -> Finally, save the retrieved data to your desired location on system or other storage devices. But not on to the same bad hard disk drive