Recovering Acer Aspire Hard Disk Data

 November 26, 2014      

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“Hi, my Acer Aspire laptop is not booting up. Whenever I power up the laptop, it starts by showing Windows logo and later shows just a blank screen. I gave number of attempts to restart it, but got the same result. All my priceless data is saved in its hard disk. How can I get back data from my Acer Aspire laptop hard drive? Please suggest some useful tips and solution for my situation.”

Acer Aspire is one of the most proficient laptop that operates with Windows OS. This amazing laptop is noted for good performance, good data storage and excellent user interface qualities. However, data on Acer Aspire hard disk might go in vain at times of certainty due to reasons as mentioned below:

  • Hard drive corruption due to format error and file system damage will force the users to format the drive and resulting to severe data loss
  • Incorrect installation of OS, wrong Windows updates and other software conflicts might sometimes reduce the working ability of hard drive and leads to damage or corruption of it
  • Boot sector corruption, MBR corruption, presence of bad media spots on hard drive, are other factors that eventually corrupts Acer Aspire hard disk
  • Partition corruption, registry corruption, errors while repartitioning hard disk or during creating new partition, etc. can corrupt particular partitions making its data futile
  • deletion of any program files, deletion of partition accidentally and other possible reasons count to data loss from Acer Aspire hard disk

In these above scenarios, one might lose valuable data from Acer Aspire laptop drive as a result of inaccessibility. However keeping a proper backup might save your day. But, in case there is no backup and users are lost in these situations, the only solution is to employ good hard drive recovery tool.

One of the right solutions to get back data from Acer Aspire laptop drive is to rely upon Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool. This tool can perform Acer Aspire hard disk recovery within stipulated time without causing any damage to the data. This effective utility can bring back all types of data from Windows hard drive like videos, pictures, documents, program files, applications, archives, etc. after various data disasters. It’s amazing recovery modules can even get data from external hard drive, SSD, FireWire Drive, pen drive and other storage devices along with system drive with ease.

Procedure to get back data from Acer Aspire laptop hard disk:

Download the software from here and install it on a new Windows computer. Connect your Acer Aspire laptop hard drive to this Windows computer as secondary drive and run the software. In main screen click on Partition Recovery if data is lost or inaccessible due to vast reasons. Or else, click on Formatted / Reformatted Recovery if data is been lost due to formatting or reformatting process. Then select the drive that represents Acer Aspire laptop drive and select the file types to be recovered. Next, software scans the drive for recovering all possible data. Preview recovered files in Data View / File Type View and save it to desired target location.