Recovery Software for Deleted Files from SanDisk Flash Drive

 January 21, 2015      
 File Recovery   

Flash drives are nothing but, non-volatile memory storage devices i.e. you can get stored information even when not powered and these are rewritable and reprogrammable.  There are several flash drives available in market and SanDisk is one of them. SanDisk is a company which is manufacturing flash drives in a variety of designs and capacities for consumer. These flash drives are used to carry massive amount of data including photos, videos, music as well as personal files and also used to transfer data between devices. Also, these flash memory storage devices are convenient   device for fast transferring and backing up your important files.

To acquire advantages mentioned earlier, SanDisk flash drives comes in compact sizes which are portable, so that you can carry your important files wherever you go.  Since these devices carry huge data, they have to be carried safely. However, knowingly or unknowingly human beings are prone to commit errors which results in deletion.

Some of deletion scenarios from SanDisk Flash are listed below:

  • Unintentional deletion: You may mistakenly press “delete “key when SanDisk flash drive is connected to your computer which will certainly lead to deletion of files from it
  • Formatting: At the time of formatting unwanted partition of your computer, you may unknowingly select SanDisk flash drive and format it
  • Antivirus software: In case any file in SanDisk Flash Drive contains viruses, then antivirus application in your PC erases them without any notification

After discussing all data deletion scenarios a question arises about how to restore deleted files from SanDisk flash drive. Well, do not worry!!! Here we have a perfect solution for your problem, i.e. Yodot File Recovery software. With this, you can recover all your deleted files by downloading and installing this efficient recovery tool into your system.

Significant features of this recovery software

Yodot File Recovery tool rescues all the files which have been erased from SanDisk flash drive within short period of time. It will support recovery of files from recent versions of windows OS namely 2003, 2008, windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8, Windows 8.1 It can recover data from various storage devices which is formatted with file systems like FAT, NTFS, exFAT and ReFS. This is a perfect utility to regain files from SanDisk USB drive or a pen drive as it just reads the contents of your file and generates new and healthy file.

Steps to be followed to retrieve files from SanDisk flash drive are:

First download and install Yodot File Recovery software. Next connect SanDisk flash drive to your computer. After connecting, run the software and choose “Deleted File Recovery “option from the main menu. Select the drive that represents SanDisk flash drive. Allow it to scan and then choose recoverable file types. For easy selection you are suggested to utilize two view options which are “Data View” and “File Type View”. Once your files are retrieved save it on a safe location other than the original one i.e. SanDisk Flash Drive