Things to know about new Adobe Creative Cloud:

 December 23, 2015      

Are you curious to know about new Adobe Creative Cloud? Then be cool, because this article will explain you about major changes in new Adobe Creative Cloud.

How exactly Creative Cloud Works:

Creative Cloud applications and Creative Suite applications are very similar. The main question asked regarding creative cloud application is whether we need to be online to use this application. Good news is that, Creative Cloud application run offline; one may need online access when you install this application and license the software and once for every 30 days. Using web browsers, it is not possible to access Adobe Creative Cloud application. Now let us understand the meaning of cloud in Creative cloud.

By getting Creative Cloud Complete plan membership, you can get online storage space of around 20GB, which you can use to share the work. The saved files in Creative Cloud folder can be accessed by online and offline. You can carry the Adobe apps on the go with you. Even it is possible to use the online storage space to sync files with a mobile device, such as smartphone, tablet etc. Later, you can access them via Adobe’s mobile apps like Illustrator Draw and Photoshop Mix. Even after leaving Creative Cloud you will get 2GB of free storage space to save and access your files.

Creative Cloud Complete Plan:

Creative Cloud is the best way to enhance new applications and different tools that might give advantage to the organization. You are not required to install each and every program in the Creative Cloud you can choose which is required. There are number of programs which are included in the Complete Plan. And those are:

  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC
  • Adobe InDesign CC
  • Adobe Premier Pro CC
  • Adobe After Effects CC
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC
  • Adobe Audition CC
  • Adobe Toolkit
  • Adobe Color
  • Adobe PhoneGap Build
  • Adobe Story CC Plus
  • Digital Publishing Suite

The Creative Cloud Photography plan includes

  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Creative Cloud’s Features and Tools

  • Photoshop CC’s HDR Merge
  • After Effects CC
  • Dreamweaver CC

You can take benefit of the expert-created video tutorials in Adobe’s growing library. Using Creative Clouds files you can share the progress on the project with your team.