Top Three Encryption Tools

 June 11, 2015      

Why do you need an encryption software for?

Trying to keep your system away from security threats your PC should be managed at very high level. Coming to basic protection, the first thing that secures your computer is Windows Firewall. Then comes antivirus and anti-phishing software and the last is your file encryption. Even if you take best precautions against virus / malware threats, you may face issues with security for the files that were saved in storage media.

Hence it is recommended that you must maintain top tools that provide encryption security for all the valuable data that is present in the hard drive. Take for example:

The top spot for this has been maintained by Folder Lock application. This application is provided with 256 bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) file encryption. Files that have been saved by this standard cannot be undone or viewed without a key. Apart from file security, Folder Lock also provides additional security features like if you attempt incorrectly (certain number of times) to open your file, then this utility can be set to exit the tool, perform Windows logoff and shutdown the system. Apart from that, you can also shred files with unique patterns using features present in Folder lock that makes sure even the most experienced tech guy cannot retrieve what has been deleted.

Next comes the Advanced Encryption Package Pro utility. This software has been the master behind encrypting the files. Once files are encrypted with best unbreakable pattern, it cannot be undone without a secure key. This product supports industrial standard of encryption and it also gives additional features for transferring of encrypted files to other storage media securely. Additional security features are that it provides a password generator and a password meter that gives strength to your passwords.

The third one in this line for best encryption tools is Dekart Keeper. As simplicity is preferred by most of the users, Dekart Keeper is one such simple encryption software that comes with easy to user graphical interface that makes encrypting an easy task. Dekart keeper provides users with state of art encryption and other useful tools that allows its users to complete the task provided in no time.

There are other tools that ensure file encryption for safety of your data present in the system. These software can be used for their features that give out desired results as per user requirements. But, if best performance is required then all we suggest is to imply one of the top three mentioned encryption products.