Why Does My PowerPoint 2013 File Crashes Upon Clicking?

 January 3, 2017      
 PPT Repair   

“Hello! I updated my MS Office 2013 version. Everything was working smoothly before upgrade. Now if I click on a file to open, PowerPoint 2013 tool itself crashes. Please somebody help me out to solve this problem. I really need a solution to fix it!”

Such queries are quite popular among Microsoft Office users especially when working with PowerPoint platform. So, on encountering such situation, do not panic keep reading this article.

Are you aware of these reasons that results in PowerPoint 2013 file crash?

  • High severe malware and virus infection
  • Using untrusted third party application to fix corrupt .ppt file
  • Interrupting PPT file transfer between devices
  • Compatibility issues with OS or MS Office version after updating to latest version
  • Terminating application in an incorrect manner while it is still in use

If your searching for a way to resolve PowerPoint 2013 crash after clicking file. Relax! Try some of methods mentioned below:

Method 1: Disable previously installed add-ins and resume the system in safe mode

=> Run command Window

=> type Powerpoint.exe /safe

=> Go to File menu

=> click on “options”

=> select “COM Add-ins” from manage option list

=> opt on “go” option

=> uncheck all boxes in the list of add-ins and click on “OK”

=> Restart application

Method 2: Repair MS office programs

=> Terminate Office programs if running any

=> Go to “Control Panel”

=> open “Programs and Features”

=> Right click on installed MS Office version and hit on “Change” and select “Repair” option

Upon trying above three ways, if problem still persists then go with next one.

Method 3: Use Yodot PPT Repair utility

This application effectively fixes PPT files that are inaccessible due to PowerPoint 2013 crashing. It is built with advanced scanning algorithm to assure secure repair without altering its original data. Along with PPT even PPS and PPTX file formats can be fixed. Supported PowerPoint versions including 2013 are 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000. PowerPoint objects such as images, sounds, etc. can be brought back using this software. Windows editions like Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP does not find any compatibility issue with Yodot application.

Guidelines to implement this application:

Step 1: Press here and download Yodot PPT Repair tool and once installation completes

Step 2: Launch the program after installation

Step 3: Select corrupt file and click on Repair button

Step 4: Once repair process is done, use Preview option to confirm

Step 5: Save retrieved files onto destination location

Tips to avoid data loss on PowerPoint 2013 application:

  • Have a regular backup of files
  • Avoid installing insecure third party applications
  • Terminate system and PowerPoint tool correctly